ARTEX designs individual packing solutions as well as it offers time-tested standard packaging designs. In our modern in-house workshops, we design and build any kind of crates, starting from simple transport wooden crates with light lining up to microclimate-controlled standard museum crates. We deliver fast customized crates for all different forms and shapes of fine art objects that fit exactly and meet all conservation requirements or we propose other suitable and sufficiently safe options of packing.

ARTEX offers:

  • Its own production of all types of transport crates and transport frames
  • Wide range of climate-controlled transport crates for lease
  • Measuring the fine art objects at the client’s place and delivery of suitable customized packing
  • Packing with all recommended types of soft materials
  • Regularly trained team of expert personnel
  • Storing of empty transport crates, disposal of used packing

According to the customer’s requirements, we offer various types of transport crates:

  • climate-controlled museum standard crates with all properties required by museums and galleries
  • wooden transport crates with lining
  • lightweight plywood crates with rolls – so-called artcases
  • combination of plywood crates with five-layers’ cardboard

We also offer money-saving alternatives to crates, for instance:

  • transport pallets
  • transport frames
  • open crates
  • hardened cardboard containers

For packing fine art objects, we only use the state-of-the-art and scientifically tested materials which provide optimal protection against physical and environmental hazards:

  • acid-free soft tissue papers
  • cardboards
  • armoured cardboards
  • fleece materials
  • foamed materials and insulation materials
  • bubble wrap
  • specially coated foils